Saturday, July 29, 2006

Writing for free, learning how to find legitimate contests

It's been a while since the last post. I don't expect to keep this page updated every week or often as I like. It's good just to make it to the weekend without anything too dramatic occurring. As writers we all have to learn from mistakes, avoiding pitfalls other writers fall into here and then. One way to do this is by knowing when to write for free and when not to because scammers and thieves within publishing jump at the chance to take advantage of writers.

There are so many schemes where unknown publishers invite new writers to submit literary material to them to be published as anthology or compilation of articles in exchange for cash. Usually writers never hear back from people about receiving payment for their work. It's sometimes stolen and later profited after being sold elsewhere on the market. Avoiding such a cheap ploy can be done by checking a publisher or individual's background, scanning for contact information while in the process of searching former client's feedback or records of business. If no exists this means they're new and probably aren't legit.

It used to seem safe to just enter any writing contests because of the fame and prestige you'd receive if deemed a top winner. Now you can't count on contests to be ran clean. Scam artists realize how eager young, new and inexperienced writers are to publish their first story, building credits and gaining acclaim for their work. That's why they entice people to enter these random contests no one has heard of before, sometimes using fake sponsors to draw more attention or interest. Those tactics you really have to watch out for, otherwise you fall victim to literary corruption and waste a lot of your time.

Finding out the pertinent information such as name of publisher, years in business, past relationships with clients, if they have any partner companies, and if they've been reported to BBB. Setting yourself up for disaster can happen if you don't know what you're doing. It's always good too to ask other reputable publishers or accredited writers if they've heard of these new literary groups.

There are several contests open for the summer and early fall. If interested be sure to check out the following site:


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