Saturday, July 15, 2006

Film Review: Firewall

Catching blockbuster hits in the summer can be sporadic. Most are built up way too much and given so much promotion that they truly disappoint an audience when the movie is finally released. A few weeks back I got to watch a film I knew was going to entertaining with a twist of suspense. Firewall starring Harrison Ford is an action thriller that keeps an audience guessing, what will the main character do next and how will he get out this life-threatening predicament?

The film is about a bank security specialist who's family gets kidnapped by a group of bank robbers. They're actually held hostage in their home, with no contact from friends, neighbors, or relatives. The head robber, Bill Cox (Paul Bettany), a violent mysterious man forces Ford's character to break into rich clients' bank accounts through a security code while connected to a bank terminal and deposit money into his off shore accounts. Ford is hooked up to small microphone and video feeds on the outside on his sports jacket as he enters the bank the next day for work.

Bill Cox later enters the bank as a fake acquaintance of Jack (Ford's character) after finding out further information about access to money from other accounts. When Jack refuses to cooperate the bank robbers threaten to kill his family. They kidnap his family and hold them hostage at a disclosed location. Jack finally retaliates, attacking one of the robbers in his home with a coffee pot until he's unconscious and dead. From there he must track down his family to save them with the help of his secretary. It's filled with suspense, leaving an audience on the edge of their seats.

I enjoyed this movie because it was depicted from modern times. You got the idea of what goes through today's mastermind thieves who try calculated schemes to steal money. Harrison Ford again delivered in the leading role. Despite his age he still makes action scenes work and seem realistic, though doesn't perform all of his own stunts. I recommend this film to action/thriller/drama seekers. Out of 10 I give this film a 8 rating. Yeah, it was that good.


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