Monday, September 11, 2006


Keeping to a writing schedule is become a daunting task for me the past couple of months. I'm not so sure I have the time now to research markets except for on weekends. The constant struggle and sacrifices a writer has to make can be too overwhelming sometimes. When you think about it publishing writing is similar to entering a career, it comes down to who you know. This is what drives me crazy! That's not how success is suppose to evolve. Why should people be handed opportunities that they don't deserve or haven't worked hard to obtain? I guess I'll never fathom this factor when it goes to landing a job.

The problem today in becoming a successful writer is that almost everyone wants to be one. Well, that's means it's a popular career option. On the other hand, the field is extremely competitive with only the strong surviving. Publishers have become too busy to look at everyone's manuscript and are annoyed by mass frequent mail. Hearing this could cause even a positive thinking person to quit sooner or later, but it is those who are bound and determined that prevail by eventually reaching a deal and becoming published. It's a long, trenchous road ahead and it's hard not to lose confidence.

If there is desire you still have a chance (sometimes you think it's so slim your effort in trying will be inconsequential). Seeing one rejection letter after another is too much to bare unless an aspiring writer uses it as a form of motivation to improve above expectation and are driven to succeed. Having a positive influence like a mentor who constantly provides encouragement and is uplifting can make a world of difference for young writers. I wish I'd had someone like this growing up. For self-help articles, market info. and links click on the following link:

If you feel like posting articles and expressing your opinions on world events here also is another good outlet:
I'll try to check back in within a few weeks with more insight and frustrations connected with the art of writing.


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